21 days of Autumn: Xunqueira de Espadañedo

And we come at the end of our autumn route. The Monastery of Xunqueira de Espadañedo's Santa Maria opens the doors us for this town hall placed in Ourense's province between Esgos and Montederramo.

21 days of Autumn: Taboada

If something differentiates Taboada of the rest of town halls of Ribeira Sacra and of the whole Galicia it is the set of country houses “Pazos” that have been an object of the tracing of a specific route: Pazo de San Pedro, Casa Torre de Moreda, Pazo de Relás, Pazo de Perrelos and Pazo de Nogueira.

21 days of Autumn: Sober

Sober scarcely overcomes 2.500 inhabitants, but it is one of the most crowded zones with important motives. In Sober there is annotated the subfield of wine production most known about the D.O.: Amandi.

21 days of Autumn: Ribas de Sil

In the eighteenth day we remain in the East of Ribeira Sacra, now that neighbouring with Quiroga and sharing Sil river and Ancares mountains, we find Ribas de Sil.